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I donated 12 inches (30cm) of my hair a while ago and forgot to share it with you guys D: So here it is!

A friend of mine’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. It was extremely devastating and a struggle to go through. Through chemotherapy and radiation, she won the fight. While fighting her battle with cancer, she has had her family and close friends with her along the way. I decided I had to do something, after all, actions speak more than words. I couldn’t donate blood, I’m too young; no limbs either. So, why not hair? It’ll grow back anyway! So that’s what I did. I grew mah hayer, then donated it to the Canadian Cancer Society so they can make it into a wig for someone who has lost their hair due to cancer. 

Please, consider doing this. Everyone has hair. Everyone is able to do it. If you can’t, why not donate money? There are so many great organizations that will accept your donations. 


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